Duralite Flexible Spacer System

Envirosealed Windows™ and Doors stand between you and the extremes. From hottest summer to coldest winter, count on our energy-efficient products to weather the worst of temperature, wind, precipitation and UV exposure. You’ll experience a more comfortable home environment, improved energy conservation and the resulting cost savings.By design, the Duralite® insulating glass spacer seals your window better and longer than other spacer options on the market, so you feel more comfortable near the window in any weather. It steadfastly retains its durability under adverse conditions, outperforming other types of spacers while delivering increasing energy savings.

With its thermal efficient, patented air pocket design and the lowest U–value available, the Duralite® insulating glass spacer in Envirosealed window and doors is making that difference, meeting or exceeding Energy Star requirements for high–performance windows and doors. Our windows will reduce your heating and cooling costs while protecting the environment with lower carbon emissions. It’s a win–win.

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Certified Seal Integrity

Housed inside a window’s insulating glass unit, our high-performance Duralite® spacer optimizes spacer components such as adhesives, sealant, desiccants and structural elements to yield superior product performance and extended product lifetime. The spacer increases energy efficiency by surrounding, trapping and retaining more argon gas, longer, to reduce energy loss (argon gas improves insulation).

• Quality Assurance Program (audits)
• Lowest Permeability Sealant
• Desiccant Factory-Controlled and Encapsulated in Butyl Matrix
• Three Continuous Flexible Corners
• Laminated Barrier Prevents Moisture Infiltration
• Flexible Design (less stress)
• Globally Certified in over 65 Countries
• Rigorous In-House Testing Programs
• Billions of IGU’s in Service
• Over 350 manufacturers using Dura-platform spacer designs
• ~25% of all Energy Star® window producers use Dura platform


Certified Thermal Performance

Duralite offers a new level of thermal performance to windows reducing conductivity by up to 45%. This radical improvement in thermal properties is achieved by eliminating metal and replacing over 60% of the spacer profile with air. The patented design featuring a unique composite laminating technology without the use of metal results in superior thermal and durability performance.

Test results performed by a third party have proven that Duralite offers the lowest U–value rating and best condensation resistance when compared to other spacers.

• No Metal (no thermal short-circuit)
• 60% Air (insulates better)
• Fights Conduction and Convection
• Laminated Barrier (impermeable to moisture vapor and gas molecules)
• Spacer Conductivity (condensation)
• Low-profile design (better thermals)
• No secondary seal (better thermals)
• Spacer and Frame: True System
• Less Conductive
• Butyl Adhesive Best to Insulate
• ~50% of R-5 Certified Window Producers use Duralite®


Impressive Design Features

• All-in-One Design (eliminates opportunities for workmanship error)
• Reduces window factory scrap (compared to pumpable sealants)
• Cleaner, safer, easier way to manufacture insulating glass (compared to other spacer systems)
• Reduces thermal conductivity by up to 45%
• Lowest U-value rating*
• Best condensation resistance* (*when compared to other spacers)
• Can improve a window’s total U-value by up to 10% (lower U-values mean less wasted energy)
• Pre-extruded for consistent bond lines at glass edges (prevent gaps and voids common with pumpable applied sealants)
• Surrounds, traps, and maintains more argon gas longer to reduce energy costs (argon gas improves insulation)
• Optimizes spacer components such as adhesives, sealant, desiccant, and structural elements (yields superior performance; extends product lifetime)