Low-E 23

The benefits of adding the Low-E 23 Glass option

New Ti-AC 23 Low-E glass features the lowest Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (0.23) of any high-performance coating on clear-based glass. It maximizes a building’s energy efficiency while enhancing exterior aesthetics, letting in more natural light and improving glare control.

Ti-AC 23 is the perfect choice for commercial applications where comfort in the interior environment is as critical as the architectural statement made on the outside.

Ti-AC 23 Low-E glass blocks the sun’s hottest wavelengths better than any competitive product, with an SHGC of 0.23. Its ability to absorb the sun’s energy is a major contributor to reducing the energy costs associated with operating buildings in which the product is installed.

The Ti-AC 23 coating creates an aesthetically pleasing exterior blue-grey hue. This neutral, nonreflective appearance complements a spectrum of architectural designs — making Ti-AC 23 an attractive solution for virtually any commercial building application.

Ti-AC 23 Low-E glass also provides a high light-to-solar-gain ratio when applied to a clear substrate, enabling you to efficiently bring more natural light inside a building. The combination of low reflectance and excellent glare control gives Ti-AC 23 a neutral look that is simply unmatched—making it as beneficial to your project on the inside as it is on the outside.

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