Warranty Work Request

To process your request, We need the order information found on our white 1”x4” manufacture sticker. The sticker is located on the side of the window sash or for double hung windows can also be found in the head of the frame.

1. On single hung or double hung windows (sashes operate up & down) you will need to pull up the bottom sash 2” to 3” push the tilt latches on the top of the sash inward, tilting the sash inward. Along the edge of the sash there is the white 1”x4” sticker. In the upper right hand corner of the sticker will is the Ord # (order number), line, lot and bin number.

2. On a sliding window you will need to open the sash 2” to 3”, pick up the bottom of the sash tilting the bottom of the sash to the inside to remove. The sticker will be located along the edge of the sash.

For Sash Operation Help Click Here!